A roof is arguably one of the most expensive home items. Nature’s force can damage your roof beyond repair, while leaks can lead to costly problems in other parts of your home. Now imagine you never had to worry about your roof again. It’s possible, with Tarrant Home Warranty Services!

As an innovative North Texas business, Tarrant has reimagined the function and look of local roofs. We’re taking it a step further by creating the Pre-Paid Deductible Program–a revolutionary “roof warranty.”

Tarrant Home Warranty Services offers a unique, and most importantly affordable, program that works with your homeowner’s insurance and is completely transferable–an especially enticing option for those looking to sell their home.

What We Cover

Once the warranty is issued, the roof will be 100% warrantied by Tarrant Home Warranty Services. From then on, any covered leaks or repairs needed at least 60 days after the effective date will be free of charge. If your roof is damaged in a storm or non-storm-related event, you file a claim with your insurance, and we take it from there. You get peace of mind and excellent protection from North Texas’ #1, fully licensed, insured, and certified residential and commercial roofing contractor.

Selling your home? A Pre-Paid Deductible roof warranty would definitely sweeten the deal. As the seller, you can have the roof inspected, the coverage issued, prepay the deductible (usually 1% of the home’s insurance-based replacement cost) plus $1, and the Prepaid Deductible warranty placed in the buyer’s name upon closing. It’s THAT easy.

How It Works

Under THWS’s Pre-Paid Deductible Program protects homeowners from covered leaks, small or large repairs, and full replacement. How? You prepay your deductible plus $1. And call when or if a covered issue arises.

There are a few simple steps to this low-cost program. First, the roof is inspected by Tarrant Home Warranty Services’ own local contractors. Once approved, you pay the deductible you would owe to your insurance company in the event of a claim plus $1. Should your roof need some repair to bring the condition up to acceptable and coverable standards, THWS will add those to the initial payment.

Plans & Pricing

Tarrant Home Warranty Services bases the cost of our Pre-Paid Program on the value of your home. It works best with a 1% deductible, full replacement homeowner’s insurance policy (HIP). Why? For the roof warranty, the charge is 1% of the Replacement Cost Value (RCV) of the house as determined by the HIP plus $1.

  • $200,000 RCV = $2,000 + $1
  • $300,000 RCV = $3,000 + $1
  • $500,000 RCV = $5,000 + $1

If the actual deductible for a claim exceeds the prepaid amount, Tarrant Home Warranty will apply 100% of the amount paid, and you would be responsible for the rest. Similarly, if the actual deductible for a claim is less than the prepaid amount, THWS will issue a refund of the difference or apply the amount towards upgrades.

For more information about Tarrant Home Warranty Services’ terms of conditions, limitations, and exclusions for the Prepaid Deductible Program, please call our customer care team at 817-554-2106.

Save 50% by Bundling

When you purchase our roof warranty, you can purchase the home warranty at 50% of the regular cost. Pay the actual amount of your current wind/hail deductible plus $1 for our roof warranty and get our home warranty for:

For Homes Under 4,500 SqFt For Homes From 4,501-8,000 SqFt
Base Plan: $397.50 Base Plan: $625
Preferred Plan: $497.50 Preferred Plan: $750
Protection Made Simple
What We Cover
Covered Appliances Include: Base Plan Preferred Plan
Garbage Disposal
Range Hood
Over-The-Range Microwave
Trash Compactor
Built-In Dishwasher
Kitchen Refrigerator
Clothes Dryer
Clothes Washer
Over the Range Microwave Door Glass, Racks, & Removable Parts x
Non-essential Clocks / Removable Parts Range, Oven, Cooktops x
Lost Key & Removable Buckets For Trash Compactor x
Built-in Dishwasher Racks x
Hauling Away Old Appliances x
Improper Installation x
Improper Repairs x
Instant Hot / Cold Water Dispensers x
Refrigerant Up To 4oz x
Built-in Food Centers x
Central Vacuum x
Second Fridge / Freezer x
Stand-alone Freezer x
Free-standing Ice Maker x
Covered Electrical Items Include: Base Plan Preferred Plan
Switches, Plugs, & Outlets
Cover Plates
Built-in Exhaust Fans
Garage Door Opener Switches
Telephone Wiring Within Walls Of Main Dwelling
Garage Door Wiring, Motor, Hinges, Springs, Rail / Trolly Assembly x
Garage Door Receiver Unit, Remote Transmitters x
Phone Jacks x
Phone Fuses x
Free Standing Smoke Detectors x
Doorbell Components & Parts x
Ceiling Fans x
Lighting Fixtures x
Audio / Video Wiring / Cable x
Computer Wiring / Cable x
Intercom Wiring / Cable x
Covered HVAC Items Include: Base Plan Preferred Plan
Metering Devices
Furnace Components
Air Handling Unit Components
Refrigerant Lines
Registers & Grills
Package Ac Units (ducted)
Wall Ac Units (ducted)
Wall Evaporative Coolers
Outdoor Conenser (including Compressor) Components
Condenser Casing (in Case Of Mechanical Failure)
Evaporator Coils & Drain Lines
All Ductwork
Leaks / Breaks In Sheet Metal x
Floor Furnaces x
Dampers & Damper Controls x
Wall Heaters x
Recovery Of Refrigerant (up To 3 lbs.) x
Outdoor Unit Pads Or Stands x
Dehumidifiers x
Built-in Wall Heating Unit x
Electronic Air Cleaners x
Humidifiers x
Covered Plumbing Items Include: Base Plan Preferred Plan
Valves For Shower, Tub And Diverter
Angle Stops, Risers, And Gate Valves
Hose Bibs
Basket, Strainers And Traps
Faucet Repair
Abnormal Water Pressure And Flow Restrictions
Plumbing, Mainline Drain, Or Sewer Stoppages
Sink, Bathtub, Shower And Toilet Stoppage
Lateral Drain Stoppage
Toilet Tanks And Bowls
Leans & Breaks In / Of Lines
Well Pressure Tanks & Switch
Up To 75 Gallons Water Heaters
Interior Leaks In Gas Lines
Faucet Replacement x
Stoppage Due To Roots x
Installing Cleanouts Due To Stoppage x
Septic Tank Stoppage (customer Pay $100 Per Pumping) x
Toilet Lids And Seats x
Caulking Or Grouting x
Collapse Or Damage Caused By Freezing Or Roots x
Well Pump (up To $1500 Max Payout Per Term) x
Circulating Pumps x
Exterior Gas Leaks x
Owned R.O. Systems x
Pressure Regulators x
Motor, Pump, Jets & Air Switch For Whirlpool Bathtub x
Owned Water Softeners x
We've Got Answers
No. Tarrant Home Warranty Services will cover pre-existing conditions on systems and/or appliances as long as 30 days have passed since the initial Contract Effective Date.
Addison, Aledo, Arlington, Bedford, Benbrook, Carrollton, Dallas, Denton, Farmers Branch, Flower Mound, Fort Worth, Garland, Grand Prairie, Grapevine, Highland Village, Irving, Keller Lewisville, Mansfield, Mesquite, North Richland Hills, Plano, and Richardson.
At this time, we only service the North Texas and DFW Metroplex areas.
Appliances installed and located within the confines of the home’s foundation or garage may be covered depending on your plan and the limitations and exclusions.
Your coverage begins if your payment is received on or before the agreed-upon Contract Effective Date. It continues for 12 months following that date.
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