Introducing the Inspection Warranty Plan!


(Roof warranty starts the day of inspection, home warranty starts the day of closing)

Your Clients Value Your Knowledge and Experience.

For many Texas families, buying or selling a home is a big step. As an agent, you are your client’s first line of defense against potential problems. Help ease their concerns with our Inspection Guarantee Plan.

Plan Details

  • A 1-year roof warranty plan for free!
  • A 90 day Home Warranty Trial Plan for free!
  • $200 discount on a warranty plan should they choose to Opt-In! 15 months for 12!*
  • Peace of mind that their roof and major systems are covered from wear and tear.
  • Supplemental insurance to their homeowner’s plan.

* – 3 month bonus takes place of 90 day free trial.

How does it work?

1. Call us and schedule an appointment for an inspection. We will meet you onsite the day of the inspection to perform our services and provide you with anything you may need.

2. A report will be generated for you promptly. The report will have all the information you need about the inspection as well as the information needed for the Inspection Guarantee Plan.

3. Make sure your customer OPTS-IN to the plan in order to be eligible for the inspection guarantee plan! There is a discount of $200 and 3 extra months, making it 15 months for the price of 12.

How THWS Benefits Buyers?
  • Trusted coverage from a locally-owned and operated company.
  • Little to no cost for roof repairs or replacement
  • One-stop-shop warranty services for the home and roof.
  • Two exclusive protection plans to fit any budget.
  • 24/7 friendly and professional customer service.
  • Fast response times by certified, local technicians.
  • Protects against expensive surprise repairs.
How THWS Benefits Sellers?
  • Makes the home more appealing to buyers.
  • Offers unique protection for roofs.
  • Covers the home while it’s on the market and during the inspection process.
  • Frees the seller from potential issues after the sale.
How THWS Benefits You?
  • Builds trust by helping your clients protect their investment.
  • Helps make the home buying or selling process smoother.
  • Promotes good reviews and favorability for future clients.
  • Frees you from getting involved with potential issues after the sale.

Not All Home Warranties Are Equal

While most buyers or sellers are forced to pick and choose from expensive plans, Tarrant Home Warranty Service offers two budget-friendly comprehensive plans that cover a little bit of everything that could go wrong with the home.

Tarrant Home Warranty Service is the ONLY Texas-based company to provide a one-of-a-kind Roof Warranty. Replacing a roof can cost $6000 or more depending on the size and need. With Tarrant’s roof program, sellers can purchase the warranty for the price of the deductible (usually 1% of the home’s value) plus one dollar. And, it’s FULLY transferable to the new owner! Educating buyers and sellers on this can be a game-changer when it comes to making the sale.

Four Reasons To Choose Tarrant Home Warranty Service

  • Locally-owned and operated family business
  • Experienced, certified, and trusted Tarrant technicians
  • Budget-Friendly all-in-one comprehensive coverage
  • Exclusive Pre-Paid Transferable Roof Warranty

When you combine these with Tarrant’s excellent 24/7 customer service, you can rest easy knowing you’re recommending the best protection for your client’s investment.

For more information on our THWS plans and Roof Warranty programs, call us today:

We've Got Answers
Tarrant Home Warranty is based in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and provides premium home warranty services to builders. They serve the DFW area and are licensed in Texas.
For a complete list of Tarrant Home Warranty Service plans, pricing, and repair procedures please call our efficient and knowledgeable customer service team at 817-554-2106.
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